Asset Monitoring

Our adaptable asset tracking solutions assist organizations and administrations in enhancing operational security. Depending on the asset type and use case, customizable solutions enable businesses to monitor engine hours, detect misuse, receive real-time emergency alerts and power outage warnings, or detect fraud.

Track your assets easily and fast, and update data as often as required. Our main tracking portal has been created with the user in mind and is tailored to meet your needs. Information is simple to find from any location at any time of day thanks to point-and-click filters and searches that are readily available.

Our high-quality GPS asset monitoring systems, which are tailored to your needs and the demands of your workplace, offer trustworthy reporting to ensure that you have access to the information you require when you need it.

Hawk-Eye’s Asset Monitoring solutions are available to assist you in taking control of the things that count. All of this is a part of the robust Hawk-Eye platform, a cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking solution that develops and changes to meet the demands of your company.

Our Asset monitoring solutions encompass a variety of functions including:

  • Telematics, or the transmission of digital information over a long distance/time
  • Asset maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Fuel management
  • Route planning and route optimisation where necessary
  • Driver safety and management when required
What Is The Value Proposition Of Our Solutions?

With a solid Asset Monitoring system, you may easily and successfully perform the following:

  • In real time, you can see the exact location and movement of any asset in your fleet.
  • Create routes and maps, communicate with drivers, dispatch and schedule them.
  • Monitor your drivers' behavior and obtain statistics on their working hours and distance traveled.
  • Receive personalised asset maintenance alerts.
  • Increase productivity by using the data measured to optimize fleet usage. This means low downtimes, high speeds, and executions while focusing on quality.
  • Protect your valuable assets from unauthorised use.
  • Get up-to-date data on fuel expenses, mileage, and cost savings by managing your fuel consumption
  • Assets will last longer because they are properly and timely maintained.
  • Grow your business by increasing revenues and decreasing operational costs.

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