Why choose Hawk-Eye Solutions?

We use satellite technology to provide you with operational efficiency, the ability to understand and improve driver behaviour and deliver enhanced customer service. Our web portal gives you 24/7 access to the data you need to improve road safety, and boost productivity.

With our solutions, you can monitor all of your mobile assets and the drivers behind the wheel while also tracking location, date, time, speed, direction and status information globally. Based on your requirements, we can also provide customized solutions to match your needs.

Our Solutions
Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions for Small to Large Businesses
Unlock your business potential with Hawk-Eye’s custom solutions!
Your daily fleet and asset management operations can benefit a lot from our custom telematics solutions. Some of these benefits include:
  • Business continuity/revenue protection-preservation
  • Improved uptime of mission critical equipment
  • Better response times to providing assistance to drivers in need of help.
  • Early warning of impending equipment failure allowing for timely preventative maintenance
  • Reduced costs through reduction of fuel pilferage
  • Greater possibility of recovery of stolen vehicles/assets.
Our Partners